Sun-tech provides water / wastewater electrical service all over the great state of Texas, including new construction. Below are some of the types of projects that Sun-Tech has managed and completed.

Lift Stations

  • Lift stations are used for pumping wastewater or sewage from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. This is necessary where the elevation is not sufficient for gravity to help it flow.

Pump Stations

  • Facilities that are equipped to pump fluids from one location to another. This can be used to supply water to canals, helping drain low-lying areas, or moving sewage to a wastewater plant.  This is an important part of a PSH (pumped-storage hydroelectricity) installation.

Water Treatment Plants

  • Facilities that treat water for public consumption, or industrial water for business operations or manufacturing.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Facilities that deal with one of the following types of waste:
    • Sewage, or human waste.
    • Industrial, or treating wastewater that is produced by industrial or commercial activities.
    • Agricultural, or treating wastewater that is produced by agricultural activities such as animal waste or pesticides.

Elevated Water Tanks

  • Also known as water towers, these are elevated structures supporting a water tank.  The elevation needs to be high enough to pressurize a water supply system designed to distribute potable water.   This also acts as an emergency storage for fire protection.


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